For those Short of time we have added the convenience of a online booking service, Just fill out the step by step Schedule and providing there are no negative implications. I shall look forward to meeting you on the day of your first Appointment & Initial procedure.

Step 1:
Address For patch test (by post)
Location ( your Nearest Salon)
Phone Number ( for direct Contact )
Message Any additional info or Questions.

Step 2 :
Photos are always helpful, I like to use WhatsApp using my number, but if you do not use WhatsApp, then please send your photos by e-mail or message, but either way if your position is complicated (i.e. previous work, correction work) a photo is a must.
Image: one front image close up & 2 side images left to right please.

Step 3:
Fill out the post procedure( Am I suited form).
Onece you’ve received the ok, then please fill out the automated deposit button/Form.

Step 4:
Automated Booking:
once approved you are now ready to choose your date & time Automatically. Just chose you Location & time Schedule, Pay your Deposit. Wait for your Sensitivity patch test & confirmation letter & I look forward to meeting you on the day.